10 Best Chess Openings

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White's 10 Best

The Link - search is where the opening is involved.

Make a search yourself to find what you need for an opening.

RankOpeningWhite Win %Draw %Black Win %
1Queen's Gambit403624
2Blackmar Diemer Gambit491635
3Ruy Lopez403327
4Bishop's Opening413029
5Benko Opening383527
6Reti Opening373726
7Vienna Game412930
8Center Game442234
9English Opening383428
10Scotch Game403030

White's Worst 10 Openings (Train the Defence to win)

RankOpeningWhite Win %Draw %Black Win %
1Van't Kruijs Attack282547
2Anderssen's Opening302743
3Grob Opening361846
4Saragossa Opening342343
5Bird's Opening342541
6Polish Defence382339
7Dunst Opening362836
8Anti-Veresov Opening362836
9Colle System353134
10Mieses Opening392437

10 Most Drawn Openings

Can be helpful against a strong player where you don't expect to win.

RankOpeningDraw (%)  
1Bogo-Indian Defence42  
2Queen's Indian Defence42  
3Petroff's Defence39  
4Four Knight's Defence39  
5Grunfeld Defence37  
6Nimzo Indian37  
7Reti Opening37  
8Queen's Gambit (No. 1 winning too)36  
9Benko Opening (No. 5 winning too)35  
10Three Knight's Defence35

The evaluation have been taken out of 100.000 Grand Master Games year 2012, which should indicate a win % +/- 0,5 %.

Don't under estimate the value of playing against weaker players who are not family with some of the worst openings.

The stats are only indicators. It's important you find your own playing style and practicing the opening in the depth.

Learn and use some of the Opening Traps like Sokolsky: 1. b4 e6 2. Bb2 Bxb4 3. Bxg7.


Common Grand Master Openings