Opening Trap – C20 King’s Pawn Game – mate in 9#

Here's a good example of why you should study Recognized Chess Openings. A Game from today where White falls into a trap.

White already lost in move 3 by the move h5. Knight can take e4 for free. That's another story.

Computer suggest d5 in move 7. However Black makes a trap for White to protect his pawn, which leads to an unavoidable checkmate in 2 moves after Whites move Qh5. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't always rely on computers in many cases they "think" different from human beings and are still full of errors. More about that later. They always tend to make the longest way to a checkmate like some of the navigation systems in your car, which take the longest way to your destination. Make your own chess road map and opening repertoire. You shouldn't either try to protect a given pawn in the opening unless you're sure it's wise. Learn the Recognized Openings to understand the Attacks and defences. See also 'Old Benoni Trap'.