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Immortal Chess Games 1600 to 1999

When the Knight spins all chess boards have been loaded Take a chip of your coffee while you wait.   You can keep the Analysis Program open in new window – Copy notation (PGN) and insert to Analyse the Games Continue Reading →

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Up to 1.000 Games for each of the 500 Main Openings. Study the Games on Chess Table with Analysis Engine Guide to Chess Table where you can analyse the games            

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5 Million Chess Games in Rating Groups from MasterChessOpenings Database  We use A Secure and Encrypted Line for downloads. The Download file can only be read in a chess program.  A00 – A25     Download Rated Games  Rating Groups  1000 Continue Reading →

Vladimir Kramniks Favorites

A15 English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defence, King’s Indian Formation    A17 English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defence, Nimzo-English Opening    A14 English Opening: Agincourt Defence, Tarrasch Defence    A13 English Opening: Agincourt Defence, Catalan Defence Accepted    A16 English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defence, Anglo-Grünfeld Continue Reading →