Best Luxury Chess Tables

A luxury chess table can become an exquisite addition to the room of a chess enthusiast, and it has the ability to create interests for practice in beginners. Luxury chess tables come in various materials, styles and some also come with storage cabinets.

We will review a few luxury chess tables for homes, balconies and offices;

  1. 23.5 Inches Alabaster Chess Table

This exquisite table is an Italian wood produced piece; it is made of mahogany engulfed in solid walnut and authentic alabaster. The design is a central-legged luxury furniture. There are two storage drawers having brass handles and positioned at opposite sides of the table.

The table is handcrafted having a smooth and shiny surface revealing the squares and showing its attractive finish. You will definitely be impressed with the way it would fit into any corner of your space.

  1. Signature Traditional Chess Table

This 32 inches by 42 inches luxury chess table presents a spacious top that allows the owner to select what square sizes they may like the table to come with. It is a handcrafted design by Nate Cohen, a master craftsman to accommodate specific custom orders.

The chessboard colors which includes maple and Brazilian ebony give the table a gorgeous appearance. The storage capacity can be designed to be a single drawer or multiple drawers with respect to order specifications. This commodity is rare as it is a collector quality product, and it is reported to be on sale for only a short time.

  1. Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess Table

The 25 inches square chess table featuring Italian Alabaster in exquisite brown marble shades and pearl white colors. The table is made from solid wood covered in dark walnut finishing, and it has two storage drawers for keeping chess pieces and more items.

The table has a perfect blend of trendy and traditional styles, and it will look very elegant at home and at the office. It is of high quality, and its appearance commands an interesting game of chess with every glance you take at its direction

  1. 23 Inches Ultimate Italian Game Table

This is a multi-purpose chess table crafted in Italy by hand out of the finest hardwoods like walnut, maple, Briarwood and Italian mahogany. It is designed with a concept that features a cover for the table.

The cover on the multi-purpose chess table happens to hold the chessboard on one face and a surface for card games or checkers. There is then an interior space when the table top is lifted away; this space holds a backgammon game board. The interior can also serve as storage space for game pieces and other little items.

  1. Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Table

This luxury chess table is also a handcrafted hardwood furniture, having a top space for a 21 inches detachable chessboard to be fitted when need. It features solid maple and walnut, without any veneers at all; and the table is well constructed by a 5th generation US craftsman who knows his practice so well.

The design is such that the chessboard can be removed to reveal a spacious storage for the game accessories. The chess clock and conquered chess pieces can be placed on the 4 inches border made of maple or a mix with walnut depending on your selection.

Planning for and choosing one of these luxurious chess tables, and setting them in a position at your home or office will command almost all the strategic interests in that direction. The beauty is also something you would need to complete your classic room decoration.